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The material represented are believed to be accurately presented. There is NO GUARANTEE that the plans, investments ideas or other information presented in this presentation will result in profits, or that they will NOT result in LOSSES. It should not be assumed, nor is any representation made, that the methods presented in the Presentation, can guarantee profits in the financial market instruments, or that future performance will equal that of the past.

Past performance is NOT a guarantee of future results. Only Risk Capital should be invested in the Stock Market or any other financial instrument. Neither RAJESH DOSSA CA CFPCM nor LIFE STRATEGIESTM take or assume any responsibility or make any guarantees or make any specific trading recommendations in any of the above mentioned products, any of their additions, revisions, and addenda. All investments and trades (In any Asset Class) carry RISK, and all trading decisions of an individual remain the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of that individual.

The client acknowledges and agrees that neither RAJESH DOSSA CA CFPCM or LIFE STRATEGIESTM (or their respective heirs or successors) makes any representation or guarantee regarding the information and techniques described in the above mentioned presentation marketed by RAJESH DOSSA CA CFPCM or LIFE STRATEGIESTM, or regarding how it may perform in the future; regarding the client’s ability to utilize the information and techniques described in the above mentioned presentation; or regarding client’s likelihood of success in attempting to utilize the same.
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