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Services - Planning For Your Golden Years

If you fail to Plan then You Plan to Fail. The thing to understand here is that contractual regularity is the key. Small amounts on a regular basis will add up to substantial savings.

Regularity ultimately leads to Affordability. If you cannot take out a dime out of a dollar you will never take out a hundred thousand out of a million.

The nicest thing about NOT PLANNING is that failure comes as a complete surprise and is not preceded by a period of worry and depression.

Let it also be understood that we are making our own choices ofevery day. Our NOW will determine our Future

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Advantages of Adequate Retirement Provisions

Maintaining the Standard of Living that we are accustomed to.

point Allowing us to lead a life of dignity in our Golden Years.
point Being independent of the two C’s viz Children & Charity
Roadblocks to Objectives:

Spending more and saving less. The ideal way to go is to adopt the ”income – savings = expenses” route. But most people adopt the ” income – expenses = savings” route


Unexpected and unforeseen expenses for e.g. medical expenses.


Inadequate insurance cover.


Premature use of Rainy Day funds for children’s marriage etc or for maintenance of lifestyle of family.


The clear and present danger is that most people may outlive their long term funds, thereby being forced to resort to Reverse Mortgage for survival.


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